Resonance frequency analysis of MEMS based on piezoelectric microcantilever beam for vibration energy harvesting applications – ABSTRACT

Project Tag: 2209OS Microfabricated microcantilevers are widely used as a nanomechanical tool for diagnostics, molecular detections and many sensor devices. Its easiness, sensitivity and cost of manufacture make it a key element for many applications. Piezoelectric material covered unimorph microcantilevers would provide energy generation from ambient sources as a result of its freely vibrating body. … [Read more…]

MEMS: Micro ElectroMechanical Systems

I have prepared a presentation about MicroElectroMechanical Systems for my Introduction to Mechanical Engineering lesson. MEMS are used in many devices.  Especially MEMS are preferred for their size and ability. Also, still MEMS technologies are developed. We will see it everywhere soon. MEMS Presentation; MEMS Video 1 MEMS Video 2 (I used that video shorter in the presentation…)